Civil ceremony

Giardini Francesi is a beautiful former town hall where celebrate your civil ceremony

A promise of happiness

Giardini Francesi is a former town hall of Carpignano Salentino; this location realize the dream of people who wanting to celebrate a civil ceremony. We will suggest you the Parco degli Ulivi as a wonderful place to celebrate civil ceremonies American-style, or The Venue’s fountain that is more romantic and intimate.

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The promise

The wedding march, or flowers and fittings, or the exchange of promises and any other details of the wedding should be planned carefully. Nothing shall be left at random.

The pasts events

Your story

Every love story is always different like as every tale has is plot. Every special event is the unique and the only one. Choose your customize civil ceremony and swear eternal love.

Our spaces

Wedding planner

Our wedding planner will intertwine the wires of your story, making your wedding day a romantic memory. Unforgettables moments will be engraved in your hearts. A dream meant to last forever.

Wedding planner
Let’s celebrate the love

Dreamers, romantics and braves, come and visit our location.

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Civil or religious ceremony? Two different ceremonies, the same love.

Our main mission is to create emotions in the heart of the newlyweds; these feelings should be last forever. Seal your love with symbolic rituals with a strong emotional power.


The ritual of Sand is an ancient Hawaiian ritual that joins bride and groom indissolubly. This ritual can be performed in all the different ceremonies and everybody can take parts; not only bride and groom but also friends, relatives and witnesses.


This is a magic ritual full of symbolism; your civil ceremony can be personalized with the ritual of Light. The symbolism of the ritual of light is based on the connection between fire and love and the candle’s flame represents happiness and passion, due to its warm and light; in the meantime it also means the human frailty.


The civil ceremony can be turn into a very suggestive and emotional event thanks to the reading of some lyrics and poems of the greatest authors of the.
The harmony of these verses will accompany you wedding day.


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