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Civil Wedding in Lecce

“I wish you, leaf of my tree,
peace, love, luck and prosperity.
Today and always ... simply
because every person that passes in our life is unique.
He always leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us.
This is clear evidence
that two souls never meet by chance.”

Civil marriage is the perfect setting to let your imagination fly and enjoy an intimate and unforgettable ceremony.

Giardini Francesi, is a beautiful former town hall in Carpignano Salentino in Lecce, offers you the chance to seal your love in an exclusive location, where the elegance and whiteness of the interior rooms is combined with the simplicity and freshness of the olive grove.


And you prefer a touch of pink to highlight the ceremony that takes place in the white natural scenery of the park of Olives; or rather a touch of red to make the wonderful Versailles room original?

During the civil wedding you can choose to make this moment special, adding a symbolic ritual that makes your union suggestive and exciting.


With the suggestive sand ritual, you will unite even more in one heart: at the same time you will pour colored sand from your container into another larger one; the sand will blend while maintaining the two original colors, representing the future life together of two elements, two souls, once separated.