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Wedding cake

Cutting the cake is one of the most exciting moments of the wedding; The union of the hands of the spouses represents the beginning of life together, thus defining an auspicious meaning for the spouses. The wedding cake should reflect the character of the bride and groom.

The cake should reflect the character of the couple and the theme chosen for the wedding, following their style, shape, colors and details.

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The round cake symbolizes perfection and divine protection while the multi-tiered cake supported by a riser recalls the matrimonial journey of life together and the will to improve. And again, the choice of a classic cake represents the union of the spouses and the desire to share the joy with the guests.

The choice of colors and flowers of wedding cakes also have a precise meaning. Red indicates a passionate love, while a tenuous rose the infinite desire of romanticism; the shades of blue symbolize fidelity and serenity while the orange fills with joy, joy and vitality. Whatever your choice, the wedding cake will always remain a unique and memorable moment, to be personalized with style and elegance so that your wedding remains a dream come true with open eyes.